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Are you ready for Global Expansion in 2022?

Strategies to hire, manage and engage remote talent

As the economy recovers post-pandemic, companies are expanding into new markets. With work-from-home being the new normal, HR leaders are forced to hire, onboard, engage remote employees on a global scale.

What are the latest HR trends that impact the growth of your workforce in 2022? What are the new skills needed to build high-performing remote teams? This webinar will get you to re-think how to expand your remote workforce.

Get practical tips from Mr Quan Cher Siong, a C-level HR leader who had built high-performing teams for IBM, Acer, Taiwan Semiconductors Manufacturing, Nippon Paint.

Learn remote global expansion strategies from Mr David Robles, a skilled business leader, data scientist, thought-leader in the global carbon space, and Agile SCRUM trainer.

Key Takeaways:
HR trends that impact the growth of a remote workforce in 2022
Top 5 HR leadership skills to build high-performing remote teams
Common global expansion pitfalls and how to overcome them
Best practices for remote talent management that yields revenue growth

About Our Speakers

people-image Mr Cher Siong Quan
C-level HR Leader
CEO, Applied NanoTek
Mr Cher Siong Quan is a proven C-level HR leader with international experience building high-performing teams for IBM, Taiwan Semiconductors Manufacturing, Acer and Seagate and Nippon Paint.

He has revitalised under-performing organisations in Asia Pacific via a scalable and sustainable infrastructure that now serve as best organisational practices in US, China, Japan, Taiwan and South-east Asia.

He graduated from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with a Senior Leadership Development Program on Leading Business Growth.
people-image-2 Mr David Robles
Partner, Board Member
Good Inc.
David is a recognised innovator and thought- leader in the global carbon space with global sales channels.

David has founded several companies and is responsible for the digital transformation and growth of companies around the world.

A tenured business leader, David is a computer engineer, data scientist and Agile SCRUM trainer. He formerly worked in the graphene industry where he successfully took the global lead in nano concrete additives and real-world use cases.
Annie Ms Annie Yap
Executive Chairman & Founder
AYP Group
Ms Annie Yap is the Executive Chairman and Founder of AYP Group. Skilled in management, organisation development and strategic HR.

Ms Annie has made a name for herself with multiple leadership roles over the years, before finally starting her own HR Technology and Services company based in Singapore, with a solid regional presence in Asia Pacific.