HR Digital Transformation Solutions

Covid-19’s impact on our economy has been likened to the great depression of the 1920s. 

As a HR Professional, you can definitely help your Organization capitalize this new norm by tapping on the Digital Transformation HR Solutions that JuzTalent & ServiceDott offer.


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Adrian Tan

Mr Adrian Tan

Strategist for the Future of Work

Institute for Human Resources Professionals (IHRP)


Mr Adrian Tan is a Strategist for the Future of Work at the Institute for Human Resources Professionals (IHRP). His expertise in the field has earned him two HR vendors of the Year Awards, SHRI HR Entrepreneur Awards, and Global Recruiters Best Marketing award. Mr Adrian aims to prepare local companies for the challenges they may face in the ever-evolving workforce. 


Key takeaways:

  • How to find low costs digital solutions?
  • How to quickly upskill your people to be digitally ready?
  • How to gain clarity of the current government support? 
  • Questions to ask your tech partners before you sign the contract. 
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